Strava tables update

As of the 9th April the top 10 in the 2 Strava comps are as follows:


Height (Week) metres Distance (Day) Km
1 David Fulton 9753 1 Gordon Keeney 192.2
2 Lynne Wardop 9363 2 Gary Maher 175.2
3 Adam Stevens 7710 3 Kev Brown 152
4 Jp Baxter 6389 4 Sam Wakeling 149.6
5 Joanne Clark 5783 5 kenny mackay 129.2
6 Gary Maher 4598 6 Alex McAllister 129.1
7 Kev Brown 3425 7 Joanne Clark 128.7
8 Alastair McGibbon 2838 8 Jp Baxter 125.1
9 Brian Armour 2830 9 Brian Armour 122.3
10 Greg Templeton 2807 10 Scott Maclean 118.2

Be warned, Grandad McAllister is due to upload his Garmin files from a big week in Majorca.

The race sec will award a bonus 10 points for the greatest elevation gained in a week within the UK!

Big Ed lands a big result at the Ronde Van Ayrlaanderen

Paul Gibson maintains slender lead in the overall league

The third edition of the Ronde Van Ayrlaanderen saw 14 hardy souls assemble in typical Scottish spring weather.  This meant we raised another £28 for the league charity, Marie Curie Cancer Care.

Survivors of the 2014 Ayrshire Helling

Survivors of the 2014 Ayrshire Helling

The event requires some good prose of some sort, but that will have to wait.  There were six climbs and one sprint.  The recorded times for each segment can be found by clicking the link here: 2014-04-05 RVA


Position Rider Time Points
1 Ed Clifton 14:57 50
2 JP Baxter 15:53 45
3 Kev Brown 15:58 40
4 Paul Gibson 16:08 38
5 Scott Knox 16:16 36
6 Chris JG 16:45 34
7 Paul McGhee 16:59 32
8 Lindsay McGarvie 19:52 30
9 Chris Scott 21:43 28
10 Kevin McBride NA 10
11 Rod Henderson NA 10

Commiserations to the captain who never made it out of Monkton due to a chain failure (PS – helpful vid so you can fix it next time:

We also lost young Stuart Campbell on-route, and Brian Armour after a blow out (one of many punctures suffered).

Kev Brown forgot to turn his Strava on until after the first climb.  Very charitably he was granted the same time as Chris J-G.  Otherwise he would have run JP very close for 2nd place.

Riders who finished but didn’t use Strava were granted 5 points, promoted to 10 points following the miserable weather.   (PS – results may change if Strava records are presented!)


Overall after 3 rounds
Position Member 1 2 3 Overall
1 Paul Gibson VET 45 40 38 123
2 Ed Clifton 34 36 50 120
3 JP Baxter 36 38 45 119
4 Chris Johnson 32 22 34 88
5 Greg Templeton 38 45 83
6 Scott Knox 34 36 70
7 Paul McGhee 28 32 60
8 Bobby McGhee VET 30 26 56
9 Kenny Armstrong 50 50
10 Gary Maher 50 50
11 Dave Fulton VET 28 18 46
12 Vic Possee VET 20 20 40
13 Peter Ferrier 40 40
14 Kev Brown 40 40
15 Lindsay mcGarvie 9 30 39
16 Andy McClung 32 32
17 Toni McIntosh FEMALE 30 30
18 Kevin McBride 24 5 29
19 Christopher Scott BURNER 28 28
20 Blair Wyllie 20 20
21 Dave Clifford 20 20
22 Lynn Wardrop FEMALE 20 20
23 John McKie 16 16
24 Harry McGarvie BURNER 14 14
25 Janet Erskine FEMALE 12 12
26 Duncan McArthur VET 10 10
27 Rod Henderson VET 10 10


3rd Ronde Van Ayrlaanderen – Sat 5th April

Three is the magic number!  The third edition of the Ronde Van Ayrlaanderen is also the third round of the 2014 Club League.  It happens this Saturday, 5th April 2014.

Potholes not pave, sorry

Potholes not pave, sorry

Traditionally run the day before the real Ronde, the Tour of Flanders, the RVA is social saunter into the hills of the ‘Ayrshire Ardennes’.  However, we should add, this is a social saunter with a difference!

The 50km route features as many of the shortest little walls of pain in the area.  For those who wish to play, they can register with the Ayr Roads Strava account and charge up these walls to secure immortality on the league leader board.  There will be a GC category on the day for an amalgamated time over 7 sectors.  In between the sectors is a tranquil tranquil group ride.

The route:

The ronde for 2014 is very similar to that used in 2012 and 2013.

The same route as 2014 sees more of the best wee walls in the  Ayrshire Ardenne

The same route as 2014 sees more of the best wee walls in the Ayrshire Ardenne

We will meet at Monkton Cross for 0900 for a 0915 departure.  This is to avoid ‘congestion’ with the Ayrodynamic run leaving at 0930.  2014 Helling

The usual saunter up the coast is followed by the first ‘helling’ at Corraith.  There is then a wee lull before we get to the slopes of Bogtonberg, quickly followed by the fabled Barnweilberg, now renamed the Barnweil Muur!  Although the next recorded Helling is not before Rammagetonberg, there will be the slopes of the Oude Cragiesmont to conquer first.  Then it is a bumpy cross country trek to Tarboltonaarde and the double header of Scootsberg and Warneukendries before a final sprint into Monkton.  Phew!

The full map can be found here:

The competition:

Seven Strava Segments will make up the league competition – these are as follows:

Distance Helling Strava Profile
6.5km Corraithberg
16.2km Bogendberg 
20.5km Barnweil Muur 
30.2km Rammagetonberg
43.7km Scootsberg
47km Wardneukendries 
53km Monktonbeke 

The group will ride together as a club run round the full circuit, but with riders invited to habble on the above sectors.  Riders must regroup at the top of the helling or will not be eligible for points.

All participants who complete the ride will be awarded 5 league points – this means even if you don’t use Strava you are entitled to something.

Ts and Cs.

  • This ride is open to all paid up members of Ayr Roads CC
  • Participants take part at their own risk
  • Any rider under 13 must be accompanied by a responsible adult
  • All participants are requested to make a £2 donation at the start – this is to help the club towards its fundraising target of £400 for Marie Curie Cancer Care.
  • The ride is run on open roads – all participants must respect the Highway Code.
  • If your Strava device fails mores the pity.   No appeals.  You will still qualify for 5 participant points
  • Participants who don’t complete the ride with the group are OUT!
  • This is a bit of fun so no further rules required!

    the reward for the victor...

    the reward for the victor…

Kenny wins Round 2. So does Harry, Paul and Toni…

The 2nd round of the 2014 club league was a busy affair with lots and lots of riders congregating at the base of the Nic O Balloch for a timed ascent of the black rated Ayrshire Alp!

Chairman Wyllie and GenSec Clifford did the noble thing and climbed the hill first with the watches.  Vic and Gywnneth made sure they continued to add to their overall league positions by timekeeping at basecamp.  20 points all round.

Calm after the storm - on route home by the Bell Memorial

Calm after the storm – on route home by the Bell Memorial

Chris JG was first up the hill, with just a minute head start on 12 yr old Harry who was in hot pursuit.  50 points to the young Burner.

Toni skimmed up the climb to place high overall and take the lead in the women’s league.

Paul Gibson got the better of Davie Fulton to extend his lead in the vets league.

Greg Templeton set a fine tempo to score the highest time right up until the scratch rider Kenny Armstrong made it to the top without mechanical incident.  Hooray!

Paul M and Davie F cried foul with the timekeeper.  We believe they were right. Times below:

1 Kenny Armstrong 9:40
2 Greg Templeton 9:45
3 Paul Gibson 9:59
4 JP Baxter 10:03
5 Ed Clifton 10:44
6 Scott Knox 11:24
7 Andy McClung 11:55
8 Toni McIntosh 11:56
9 Gordon Hamilton 12:05
10 Paul McGhee 12:10
11 Bobby McGhee 12:24
12 Kevin McBride 12:29
13 Chris Johnson 12:30
14 Lynn Wardrop 12:42
15 Dave Fulton 13:02
16 John McKie 13:29
17 Harry McGarvie 14:52
18 Janet Erskine 14:06
19 Duncan McArthur 16:57
20 Lindsay mcGarvie 17:03

Today we raised £36 from rider’s £2 donations.  If you didn’t have pennies on you today please bring double to the next league event!The next event is scheduled for 5th April – the 3rd Ronde Van Ayrlaanderen – a social ride from Monkon with 8 strava segments.  Keep an eye out on for full info.

After 2 rounds current league standings are as follows:

Overall after 2 rounds
Position Member 1 2 Overall
1 Paul Gibson VET 45 40 85
2 Greg Templeton 38 45 83
3 JP Baxter 36 38 74
4 Ed Clifton 34 36 70
5 Bobby McGhee VET 30 26 56
6 Chris Johnson 32 22 54
7 Kenny Armstrong 50 50
8 Gary Maher 50 50
9 Dave Fulton VET 28 18 46
10 Vic Possee VET 20 20 40
11 Peter Ferrier 40 40
12 Scott Knox 34 34
13 Andy McClung 32 32
14 Toni McIntosh FEMALE 30 30
15 Paul McGhee 28 28
16 Kevin McBride 24 24
17 Blair Wyllie 20 20
18 Dave Clifford 20 20
19 Lynn Wardrop FEMALE 20 20
20 John McKie 16 16
21 Harry McGarvie BURNER 14 14
22 Janet Erskine FEMALE 12 12
23 Duncan McArthur VET 10 10
24 Lindsay mcGarvie 9 9


2014 League Event 2: Nic O Balloch HTT

This Sunday (23rd March) will see the second round of the 2014 Club League – a timed ascent of the Nic O Balloch climb.

niciconBelieve it or not, this event came at the request of the greater membership, and was not just another dare set by the racesec.

The format will be 1 member off at 1min intervals.  This will allow the timekeepers to perform simple arithmetic.We will be going up the loooooooooong side from South Balloch.  The start point will be the T junction to Barr.  The finish will be the stream by the top.

We will require two people to hold watches;  one at the bottom, one at the top.  The two time keepers will be awarded 20 league points each because that is fair (unless they are also competing, then they would only get 5 bonus points).The first rider is expected to start the climb at 11:00am.

winter on nicJ.P. Baxter is in charge of coordinating the club run to leave Beresford Terrace bang on 0930 am to cycle down.  Lesser mortals might choose to drive part the way.

PLEASE NOTE: There is no parking at the foot of the climb.  Those who insist on driving should do the good thing and leave their car at the Davie Bell Memorial carpark.  Or in Crosshill before a warm up over Glenalla.

More info on the league can be found by clicking here. 

The Ts and Cs

  • This is a club confined time trial, open only to the membership of ARCC.
  • This is not an official event, and all riders do so at their own risk.
  • This session is run on an open road and at all times members must obey the highway code.
  • No one under the age of 12 can participate unaccompanied.
  • All participants are requested to give a £2 donation – we are fundraising for Marie Curie Cancer Care

2014 League Update

The two strava competitions have now begun.

The competitions are for the rider with the most ascent in a week (Monday through Sunday) and for the rider who completes the greatest distance in a single day.  Club members have until the end of September to do something spectactular, but already we have some benchmarks being set.  Here are the scores so far:

Greatest Ascent in a Week

1 David Fulton 9753
2 Lynne Wardop 9363
3 Adam Stevens 7710
4 Gary Maher 4598
5 Kev Brown 3425
6 Alastair McGibbon 2838
7 Greg Templeton 2807
8 Alex McAllister 2752
9 Sam Wakeling 2662
10 andy mcclung 2603
11 paul torrance 2435
12 Brian Armour 2357
13 paul mcghee 2319
14 Gordon Keeney 2193
15 Joanne Clark 2144
16 Jp Baxter 2024
17 Michael Curran 2016
18 Scott Maclean 1889
19 Scott Knox 1796
20 gordon campbell 1711
21 Peter Ferrier 1509
22 David Clifford 1020
23 Christopher J-G 964
24 Bobby McGhee 937
25 Frances Stevens 518
26 Colin Brash 139

Greatest Distance in a Single Day

Distance (Day) Km
1 Gordon Keeney 192.2
2 Gary Maher 175.2
3 Kev Brown 152
4 Sam Wakeling 149.6
5 Alex McAllister 129.1
6 Joanne Clark 128.7
7 Jp Baxter 125.1
8 Scott Maclean 118.2
9 Greg Templeton 115.8
10 Michael Curran 113.6
11 Brian Armour 111.6
12 Alastair McGibbon 108.7
13 Lynne Wardop 104.4
14 David Fulton 104.1
15 Adam Stevens 102.6
16 paul mcghee 97.5
17 Scott Knox 94.3
18 andy mcclung 77
19 gordon campbell 75.9
20 Christopher J-G 73.1
21 Bobby McGhee 70.1
22 paul torrance 68
23 Peter Ferrier 54.6
24 David Clifford 48.5
25 Frances Stevens 48.4
26 Colin Brash 30.9

Sorry, but we will not backdate entry for riders who are not yet joined up to either.  Clock starts once you are recording in this group.To participate you must be a paid club member and be on Strava and a member of the ARCC OFFICIAL GROUP.


Gary Maher scores full points in 2014 League Event 1

Gary Maher opened up the 2014 Ayr Roads League with a dominant performance at Irvine Beach Park.  Nine hardy souls braved the wild windy weather to complete the 45 minute cyclocross session, with most riders completing 5 laps.

Go Gary Go!  Fiona was on hand to ensure he made it to the start on time.

Go Gary Go! Fiona was on hand to ensure he made it to the start on time.

On the opening lap a group of 6 including Maher, Paul Gibson, JP Baxter, Greg Templeton, Peter Ferrier and Ed Clifton got a good start.  Riding in road shoes, Clifton was the first to lose time on the steep run up on the back of the course.

Baxter would have his own difficulties as the strong gusts blew his fragile frame off the best line over an offcamber hill top above the pond.

It wasn’t long before Gibson and Maher got a break on Ferrier, Templeton and Baxter.  The later three would swap places several times before Vic Possee called the last lap.  Ferrier was able to get clear to hoover up third place, while the elastic band holding Paul Gibson onto Gary Maher’s wheel snapped.

Behind them Chris JG followed with Davie Fulton and Bobby McGhee in a two man battle to the end.

It was cold, it was wet, it was wild.  But was it fun.  Oh boy, yes it was.

If you arn't in this picture you don't have any league points!

If you arn’t in this picture you don’t have any league points!

Thanks to Vic Possee for timekeeping.  20 points was the surprise reward for standing out in those conditions with Fiona and Gwynneth.

And finally, round 1 has netted us £18 towards our fundraising aim of £500 for Marie Curie Cancer Care

Position Member Points
1 Gary Maher 50
2 Paul Gibson 45
3 Peter Ferrier 40
4 Greg Templeton 38
5 JohnPaul Baxter 36
6 Ed Clifton 34
7 Christopher Johnson-Gobert 32
8 Bobby McGhee 30
9 David Fulton 28
Timekeeper Vic Possee 20
OVERALL after 1 round
Position Member Points
1 Gary Maher 50
2 Paul Gibson 45
3 Peter Ferrier 40
4 Greg Templeton 38
5 JohnPaul Baxter 36
6 Ed Clifton 34
7 Christopher Johnson-Gobert 32
8 Bobby McGhee 30
9 David Fulton 28
10 Vic Possee 20

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