2014 League Update: (Dirt)Track Pursuit on Thursday

Round 11 of the 2014 League is this Thursday, taking place at the 400m running track on Prestwick Oval (or St Ninian’s Park as Google refers to it).

The format is pretty simple – assemble with bikes at 1900.  Names in a hat and first riders start at opposing sides of the course for a three lap pursuit.  Winner goes through.  We will have play offs to decide all the placings for points as the league is getting rather competitive at the top.

This is an unsealed running track with no banking so do be sensible and ride at least 25mm tyres with no more than 80psi.  CycloX and Mtbs are ideal.

We are still raising pennies for Marie Curie so all £2 donations welcome.

So rough schedule:

  • 1900 group up
  • 1910 Rider 1 vs Rider 2
  • Rider 3 vs Rider 4
  • Rider 5 vs Rider 6
  • Rider 7 vs Rider 8
  • Break
  • Rider 1 vs Rider 4
  • Rider 5 vs Rider 8
  • Break
  • Rider 1 vs Rider 8

You get the idea….

History lesson – the last know Track Pursuit at the Oval was in Spingtime 1995 when the now defunct Ayr Mountainbike Club hosted an evening complete with shiny medals…  A bonus 5 points to the person that can tell me who the finalists were?

DBank Trofee Update

As promised last month we are promoting a cyclocross event on the 19th October

We’ve got a course, a logo, and now online entry!  Click the pic to take you to the DBank Trofee page that will carry updates through to the big day!


League Update: Last month for Strava challenges

The inaugural Club League is proving to be a big hit with over 50 paid up members participating to date.  100 points are at stake in the two strava challenges for greatest distance in a day and greatest elevation in a week.  However, only one month remains to clock up the biggest scores!

Elevation in a week

In the distance category Davie Fulton got an early lead on the slopes of Mount Tiede – it looked good until Dave Clifford smashed it with an assault of the Raid Pyrenean.  That was looking mighty good until Ed Clifton, the king of the Ayrshire Ardennes, took a wee trip out to the Dolomites.  Check out the damage below:

Height (Week) metres
1 Ed Clifton 22693 50
2 David Clifford 11971 45
3 David Fulton 9753 40
4 Scott Knox 9630 38
5 Lynne Wardrop 9363 36
6 Adam Stevens 7710 34
7 Alex McAllister 6492 32
8 Jp Baxter 6389 30
9 Gordon Campbell 5929 28
10 Joanne Clark 5783 26
11 Bobby McGhee 5607 24
12 Janet Erskine 5524 22
13 Greg Templeton 4832 20
14 Alastair McGibbon 4663 18
15 Gary Maher 4598 16
16 Christopher J-G 4530 14
17 Andy Mcclung 4519 12
18 Kenny Mackay 4436 10
19 Duncan McArthur 4119 9
20 Gordon Keeney 3837 8
21 Kev Brown 3666 7
22 Jason Kean 3570 6
23 Paul Mcghee 3485 5
24 Lindsay McGarvie 3427 4
25 Christopher Scott 3210 3

Distance in a day

Meanwhile the mile munchers have been hard at it all season – Janet Erskine was the first to clear 200km with a stunning trip round the Lakes, but it wasn’t long before everyone else wanted a bit of the action. JP Baxter thought he’d won a watch with his trip to Blair Atholl, until the daftie got Dave Clifford to accompany him home (Doonfoot is further south than Troon JP!), this promoted Paul Gibson to go on a rampage and clock 241.1km – just shy of Dave’s distance.  A few pretenders have followed suit but with the light drawing in it seems increasing unlikely anyone will clear 250km.

However, to even score a lously 3 points you will need to clear 135km (83miles).   Not bad – so here is to some final egging on – who is up for the challenge?

Distance (Day) Km 01/09/2014 Points
1 David Clifford 246.1 50
2 Paul Gibson 241.1 45
3 Jp Baxter 232.7 40
4 David Fulton 224.6 38
5 Joanne Clark 223.1 36
6 Duncan McArthur 214.7 34
7 Janet Erskine 203.4 32
8 Christopher J-G 197.3 30
9 Gordon Campbell 193 28
10 Gary Maher 192.6 26
11 Gordon Keeney 192.2 24
12 Scott Knox 185.2 22
13 Kev Brown 183.1 20
14 Christopher Scott 173.9 18
15 Alastair McGibbon 173.2 16
16 Jason Kean 170.8 14
17 Alex McAllister 169.5 12
18 Bobby McGhee 166 10
19 Thomas Gooding-Hill 164.9 9
20 Andy Mcclung 163.1 8
21 Kenny Mackay 159.4 7
22 Paul Mcghee 158.6 6
23 Scott Maclean 153.1 5
24 Ed Clifton 135.4 4
25 Greg Templeton 135 3

Al McGibbon claims 2014 ‘Club 10′ Series

With a clear 60 point lead, Alastair McGibbon has claimed the 2014 Club 10 Series from latecomer Alex McAllister.

Having claimed 7 of the 13 rounds, and set a PB along the way it was unlikely anyone was in a position to beat Big Al.  Both Robert Kelly and Jody Gerrard repeatedly tried to test the TT convert, but it was not until Alex McAllister returned from his french exile that Al had to really struggle to prove he’d earned the crown.

23 club members scored points along the way, with Toni McIntosh gaining the most from the participating women.  Round 2 on the 22nd May was the busiest night with 19 riders, this also being a Club League scoring event.

Thanks extended to all the timekeepers who helped make it happen.  Results below:

1st Alistair McGibbon 119
2nd Alex McAllister 59
3rd Robert Kelly 59
4th John Mason 48
5th Duncan McArthur 47
6th Jody Gerrard 45
7th Toni McIntosh 44
8th Thomas Gooding-Hill 37
9th Janet Erskine 32
10th Lynne Wardrop 28
11th Neil Campbell 26
12th Kenny Armstong 24
13th Bryan Yates 20
14th Colin Armstong 14
15th Scott McLean 12
16th JohnPaul Baxter 10
17th Grant Young 9
18th Paul Gibson 8
18th= Michael Curran 8
20th Raymond Bruce 7
21st Paul McGhee 4
22nd Colin Reilly 3
23rd Peter Ferrier 1

Full results can be downloaded here: 2014 ARCC 10 Standings

The points system introduced in 2014 replaced the handicap system used previously to put the focus on racing rather than chasing PBs, therefore ensuring participation didn’t drop on non-float nights.

Ayr Roads host Cyclo Cross Race 19th October

Update 05/09/2014 – go here: DBank Trofee CX

Hooray, get the diaries out and mark a big red cross on the 19th October.  Ayr Roads CC have teamed up with Wellington School to promote a Cross race in Ayr!

Bart and Tom have it in their diaries, get it in yours!

Bart and Tom have it in their diaries, get it in yours!

All details will be leaked slowly over the next couple weeks but we can confirm:

- It will be supercool

- It will be run under British Cycling regulations

- There will be events for Youth A to E, Women, Vets and Seniors

Expect something so fun you won’t want to do anything else so SAVE THE DATE!

League 10 Rocked by Scandal!

There was bitter disappointment for Kenny Armstrong last night.  Despite setting the Turnberry TT alight with a new course record he was denied the chance to go on the podium in front of the adoring crowds as his time on handicap was deemed slower than Christopher JG’s.

After appeals from fast third-placed finisher Alex McAllister there was some rummaging through the forums and JG was rumbled.  He had apparently done a quicker 10 time than the one he claimed within the last three years.

As we noted in the pre-race review:

Whilst the league event is run as first home gets the points, the Turnberry Trophy is based on a rather archaic handicap system whereby we favour those with a slow 10mile TT time

Who would have known riders would be driven to such desperate measures to get a shiny trophy as to lie about the full extent of their rubbishness against a watch?  A sad affair.

Anyway…  round 10 was won by Kenny with a super course record.  A clear five minutes ahead of second placed rider Paul Gibson, Kenny’s was a textbook performance.  Conditions were good to average on the night with a breezy headwind down to the turn at Turnberry, while the light underneath the tree canopy forced riders to play guess the potholes.

Other notable performances came from Ed Clifton who was first home on a regular road bike, and Janet Erskine who took maximum points to take the lead in the women’s league competition.

Arnie and Dave were rewarded as timekeepers.  Thanks to Colin and Alan for marshaling too.

On the night we collected £9.40 in donations from 17 riders.  Our appeal to raise £400 for Marie Curie Cancer Care is losing momentum – but those who keep ‘forgetting’ need fear not.  We’ll take generous donations at the AGM.

Round 10  – Turnberry Cup TT (08/08/2014)   Points Time
1 Kenneth Armstrong 50 1:10:04
2 Paul Gibson 45 1:15:41
3 Alex McAllister 40 1:17:24
4 Michael Curran 38 1:19:08
5 Robert Kelly 36 1:19:42
6 J.P. Baxter 34 1:19:46
7 Ed Clifton 32 1:19:47
8 Jody Gerrard 30 1:20:26
9 Scott Knox 28 1:22:22
10 Adam Stevens 26 1:23:17
11 Grant Young 24 1:25:10
12 Christopher JG 22 1:25:41
13 Thomas Gooding-Hill 20 1:28:26
14 Arnie Thomson 20 Timekeeper
15 Dave Clifford 20 Timekeeper
16 Janet Erskine 18 1:30:05
17 Duncan McArthur 16 1:31:35
18 Bobby McGhee 14 1:35:49
19 Lindsay McGarvie 12 1:36:10

Big shock however is that Bobby McGhee appears to have overtaken Paul Gibson for the Vets title with just three rounds to go!

Full league standings after 10 rounds can be downloaded here: 2014 league results.  Interesting bedtime reading.  Kenny has won every round he has entered.

Meanwhile, we have been excessively cautious when categorising vets.  If you are one and feel you have been ignored let us know!

Ghana Corner – Glasgow 2014 road race

Get your flags and whistles ready and let’s make a lot of noise for our Ghanaian brothers this Sunday in Glasgow!

According to the good people of Glasgow 2014 the men’s road race kicks off at 12:01.

We will be hosting ‘Ghana Corner’ at the junction between Blythswood Street and West George Street – this is a sweeping left hander before the bunch powers down to Nelson Mandela Place.  To help you identify the spot we have prepared a neat etch-a-sketch picture below.

ghana corner

This, admittedly, is not going to be as exciting a spot as Montrose Street – but that is exactly the point.  Here we can take over and make it our own without being ambushed by other ‘country corner’ pretenders.

We have a couple big flags, a selection of small flags, and the optimism that you will create some supercool banners to help us out.

So, lets remind ourselves who we are cheering on:

ARCC League event 10 winner SAMUEL!

ARCC League event 10 winner SAMUEL!

Team captain

Team captain

Rising star

Rising star

His first of many Commonwealth appearances

His first of many Commonwealth appearances

Both Adbul and Anthony are representing their country before their 20th birthdays – amazing!

We’ve had an amazing time with the team and all of Ayr Roads are going to have special memories for a long time so please please please head on out to Ghana Corner for 12:15 so we can give the guys a massive cheer on the first couple laps.

Even if you plan on visiting other parts of the circuit as the race progresses lets make sure we are all there in the opening laps to make the experience worthwhile.


When? Sunday 3rd August – Noon

Where? Ghana Corner – Blythswood St / West George Street

Why? cos without Mohammed and team we would never have got this picture!

Ayr Roads CC's 12yr old Harry with Team Ghana

Ayr Roads CC’s 12yr old Harry with Team Ghana


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