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Moscow Uprising

Ayr Roads CC / Harry Fairbairn BMW fielded another record team in Saturday’s Moscow APR.  Exploited by GenSec McAllister, the Ayr Roads Proletariat worked hard battling against imperialist winds in their noble attempt to fight off the invading capitalist scratch group.

However, McAllister’s strength lay in his numbers, and he was able to simply throw men at the campaign, all desperate to fight to protect the honour of their glorious motherland.  Along the way some fell by the wayside.  Commissaire McKinlay bought disgrace upon himself and was swiftly expelled from the group as a saboteur of the glorious effort, sadly not before he had conspired with former Captain Gemmell.

Still McAllister gambled, pushing Mark Parlour and Martin Shields onto the front lines to fight unarmed against the wind.  Eyewitness accounts reveal that McAllister had a second line of men in place, trained to scold any soldier who retreated.

With their hi-tech weaponry the capitalist scratch group drew near, and The Terror would begin.  During the Great Purge, it was revealed that GenSec McAllister had kept his master stroke until the end.  Field Marshall Gilmour had been sent to infiltrate enemy ranks, gathering vital intelligence.

The cowardly retreat.

In the final assualt Private Wilson was ordered to protect chief gunman Skilling.  What followed was tragedy of the highest order, with Skilling being brought to the ground during a barrage of friendly fire.   The Central Committee has been called to an extraordinary plenary session to review the actions of Private Wilson, who faces article 48 of the penal code having been denounced as a traitor to the great motherland war – a charge he denies but which could see him sent into exile in the East.

With Skilling down, Field Marshall Gilmour took to the front himself, charging forward with Keenan guarding his right flank.   5th Place was the result of the day.  Keenan was awarded a hero of labour for his 10th, while Gilmour received yet another gold star.  All the soldiers who had served in the Glorious Ayr Roads Army received the highest accolade, the Order of McAllister “Get rested and get your arses up to the Lake for the next round”.

This piece was first published in 2008.  Our webmaster is far too proud of it, hence it returns for another airing…


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