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Pennyglen Hilly TT 2012

Big thanks to the Chairman for another fun night of suffering on the Pennyglen Circuit last Thursday.  30 foolish souls signed up to spoil their evening with a 15mile (or is it 17? – c’mon Google, we like consistency) charge along the coast and back.

First man off was our own veteran TT stalwart Grant Young.  But first man home was Stephen Couper of some foreign glasgow club.  39:46 said the clock.  Thats fast we thought.

A professional, well drilled bunch who would never miss a start slot…

Riders kept appearing from the comforts of our strip at Wellington’s playing fields.  Thanks to them for the use.  Robert Kelly is our next man off in 14th, with Neil Campbell chasing at a minute.  A battle royale?  Its hardly worth speaking of, for by now rider now 10 was already on the home straight.  Jamie Kennedy of the Kooriers clocks 35:36.  My goodness.  We must have recorded it wrong.  Nope.  All four watches say the same.

Neil comes home before Rab.

Craig Gilmour is the first Ayr Roads man to make a mess of things.  At least he looks contrite.  A last minute puncture and followed by a sprint to the start arn’t enough.  He’s missed his slot.  Nevermind, he still produces a respectable 40:17

Brian Nicol sets off without drama.  His experience at the Fullarton shows.  He’s well prepared, no fiasco, and sets off with no drama.  His reward is a 41:24, up on last year’s time.

Kenny Armstrong…  Where to start.  More to the point, where is he?  KENNY ARMSTRONG GET ON THE START LINE THIS INSTANT.  Ah there he is, slowly strolling down the slip road in his warm up.  He appears on the line still in his warm up gear with half a second to spare.  He’ll lose another 12 at least faffing to take his coat off before he gets down to business.

Then there is Toni.  The pusher-offerers ears were bleeding.  Should you not be concentrating on the task at hand Toni?  No no, she’s not taking it seriously.  Then neither are the watches.  Out of the gate in completely the wrong gear.  Tsk… hopefully a lesson learned.

Fortunately Lynne Wardrop is ready for action.  I don’t know what partner Mark Skilling has done to deserve this, but she is clearly out to catch him.  A fine ride tonight will earn her a 45:56, a good warm up for a wonderful ride at the Scottish Road Championships, and to rip the legs off group 1 on the Tuesday chain gang.  Watch out everyone, Lynne’s gone and got fast.

Mark Skilling on the line.  Good, all correct and present.  He’s away without a fuss.  Can he beat Mick Robb on his shiny Trek machine?

Then its Gentleman Jim.  “Thanks for coming out boys” he says.  Thank you for your presence we reply.  Clocks ticking, is this our winner?

Last off from the ARCC machine are Paul McGhee and Gavin Kerr.  Another battle royale?  Apparently not.  Vodka and Borsht are no substitute for a training regime Gav.  However, all is forgiven as your Dad’s pictures are ace.  See here now:


1st.  Jamie Kennedy Glasgow Cooriers 35:36

2nd Jim Cusick Glasgow Couriers 35:40

3rd Gordon Murdoch Glasgow Couriers 36:37

4th Kenny Armstrong Ayr Roads 37:04 (could have been a 36 kenny!)

5th Neil Walker Walkers Cycling 37:28


1st. Catherine Logan Walkers Cyclking 45:10

2nd. Lynne Wardrop Ayr Roads 45:56

3rd Toni McIntosh 46:01

Other Ayr Roads CC/Harry Fairbairn BMW

Grant Young 42:44

Neil Campbell 39:03

Robert Kelly 40:51

Craig Gilmour 40:17

Michael Robb 38:15

Kenny Armstrong 37:04

Brian Nicol 41:24

Mark Skilling 38:01

Gav Kerr 34:05

Paul McGhee 43:55

Thats all folks.  Thanks again to Blair Wyllie and Mark Parlour.  To Andy McKinlay for commissaire duties.  And to Andrew Wilson of St Christopher’s for hogging the Lanterne Rouge for a successive year!  Cheers.


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