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Meet ‘The Straiton Lighthouse’

For those who care about these things, our club 10 record used to stand at 21:50, set by a young Gav McDonald.  Then came along Kenny Armstrong with a 21:12 in 2011.  Then arrived Michael Robb with a close 21:19.  But by now Kenny has ridden a 21:03 so the race is on for the first 20min 10.  Anyhow.  Michael Robb, to give him his Sunday name, is a lesser known quantity, whose star does not yet burn as brightly on the back of the Ayrshire Post as Mr Armstrong’s.  Give it time…

Taken from the man’s facebook page.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we bring you… Big Mick!

1.  Michael Robb; tell us about your pb?
My p.b was & still is a surprise to me , I was aiming for a mid 21 this year at some point , so to get it at this stage is a bonus .
2. By all accounts, the night before was faster, so why were you slower?
I’ve asked myself that, Skillys [Captain Mark] asked me that & being honest my legs felt better the 2nd night & I pushed my biggest gear for longer !! Simple
3. You are in danger of being labelled a ‘tester’.  How do you justify yourself?
A tester ? I think I can handle that !! I’m training hard to try improve my rd race results just now

He is not called Big Mick for nothing. Nor is Big Biydie, or wee JP, or tubby Kelly, or lazy Paul…

4. How did you get into cycling?
I always cycled when I was younger – still got the scars for proof!  But Biydie [Brian Boyd] got me back into it about 5 years ago and I started out doing Maybole -Kirkmichael -Straiton & back on my mountain bike while he was on his road bike, I then purchased my trek 1000 which I still use as my winter bike. My big run was over the Nic & I used to dread it… wait, I still do!
5. Who are your cycling heroes?
My cycling heros? After watching his solo efforts in the classics a couple of years ago it’s got to be Fabian, the guys a legend.   I’m very patriotic & think Robert Millar was incredible back in the 80’s/early 90’s.  tdf kom from Glasgow?!
6. How many miles do you ride a week?
Probably 150-200 miles  weekly,  last week was nearer 300 as wee done 105 on the bank holiday Monday.
7. You are currently ARCC social convenor.  When will the fun start?
We’ve had a few good nights & I’d like to see more of you attend.  I’ll definitely get some nights out arranged maybe ten pin bowling or just go have a good drink!!

according to our social convener, a good laugh involves riding up 30km ascents in roaring hot sunshine.

8. “I’m new to cycling, why should i join your club”.  Discuss, in no more than 100 words.
Ayr Roads CC [Harry Fairbairn BMW] is not the best cycling club in Ayrshire for nothing , great squad of guys n girls  all willing to help, good mix of ages from newest member Nathan 14 , to Skilly 50 , higgi 60 & Vic 107!!
9. If you were not a lowly 4th cat bicycle race with a good to average 10 time, what would you be?
Prob drunk singing in a karaoke somewhere.

Mick’s here doesn’t like racing in the rain. Sorry Fabian, you ain’t hard enough for us.

10. ARCC kit:  Blue and White or Green and Purple?
Purple ?? It was supposed to be blue!
And there you have it.  Brian Boyd, you have much to answer for.

Overdue Update

Woah!  What has been going on?  Where have the mighty ARCC been?  Who knows and who cares you might ask, shrugging your shoulder nonchalantly.

Well more fool you!

Some of the team were involved in a wee bike event last week named after a bandit or something or other.

Its over now so back to business.  Kenny, Mark and Mick set a new team record over 10 miles on the Eglinton course.  It was a good event masterminded by our fiendish nemesis the Fullarton Wheelers.  Neil Walker threatened to spoil our parade by riding a 21:03, but thank goodness Kenny Armstrong drew even with him to ensure all was not lost in the Ayrshire top dog contest.  (or should we fess up and admit that thank goodness it was an Ayr Roads man holding the watches…  shock, horror, of course not.)

This post will benefit from a picture.  So lets see what we can find.

A present for Higgi. Lexi on his ‘November/February’ machine


This blog now has a new editor, young Gavin Kerr of Trabboch.  We implore you to blame him for all rogue postings.

What else might be happening in the land of Ayr Roads CC?  Some wannabee’s attended the 4th Cat Lothian Flyer today.  Big Bernie was in a break, but it didn’t work out and some minor placings in the top 20 were all we had to show for a day of hard work in the pissing rain.  John-Paul Baxter once again shirked any sense of responsibility and failed to attack on his own and win.  Even though he could of done.  Take note other Scottish club teams: we might have very few points on our collective licences, but we could if we wanted.

There is a 50 on soon, promoted by Gentleman Jim Cusick.  And the pressure is on for a new 50 record according to vice-president Arnie Thomson.  But who is going to break it to the old man that we currently don’t have any documented record?  Not us, thats for sure.

And how about these damned Garmin devices.  If one more clown wants to tell us that they actually rode a 19:21 on our regular mid week blast around the Loans circuit, despite our watches shouting a high 24 we’ll be damned.

Another picture needed.

Lynne and Toni have been riding very well.  New PBs and grand performances in road racing.  And while Jo continues to flirt with the idea of moving to the mainland, rumours that ARCC have engaged in attempts to poach Jennifer Nicol from the evil throes of the Fullarton might or might not be true.

You heard nothing here first.

We’ll be running a 4th cat event named the Straiton Struggle in just over a month.  Officially its sold out, but if you speak to our ticket touts we might have some availability.  Amex not accepted.  Sorry.


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