Founded in 1930  the club was originally named “The Ayr Road Club” by its founder members; Tom McKean, David Bell, Andrew Shearer, John Stewart, and Andrew and James Robertson. By the end of its first year the club had 22 members.

In 1935 the club’s name was changed to AYR ROADS CYCLING CLUB and it quickly distinguished itself by outstanding touring feats, a feature of the sport in which Ayr Roads gained a reputation. Club riders have also had success on the racing scene at local and international level.

One name in particular which has stood out in the story of the club is that of David Bell. He, probably more than anyone else, sowed the seeds of cycling interest in people’s minds from 1931 until his death in 1965. He wrote under the name of The Highwayman. He described countless scenes and wrote of thousands of incidents which make up the cyclist’s day in his weekly column in the paper. Since 1966 the club has held an annual road race in David Bells memory. The course takes in Rowantree Toll where a monument stands to David Bell’s memory.

Ayr Roads Cycling Club has remained dedicated to its early reputation as a club of mile-eaters. Members have toured the length and breadth of the UK, competed in the continent, California and as far a field as New Zealand. Success has been achieved at local, district, national and international level with UCI medals won in the velodrome, not bad for a “road” club.

For a more detailed history of the club download ARCC History

4 responses to “History”

  1. Adam Glass says :

    I am trying to write a piece on Tam McKean joint founder of the Ayr Roads Cycling Club. He was also the founder of Ayr Health & Strength and Judo Club. I wish my tribute to reflect all of Tam’s sporting associations e.g cycling, wrestling, weightlifting, gymnastics etc. Would love to gather some memories, no matter how trivial of this great man, Particularly interested in some of his early associates and weightlifting buddies e,g, Jackie Bryden, Andrew Shearer, David Bell, I believe a group of them regularly cycled to weightlifting event far and wide. Is anyone put some names to the 1931 photo?,

  2. Rob Murdoch says :

    Jackie Bryden is my grandfather – have some great memories of going on bike runs with him and meeting some of his old pals. His daughters may be a good source of information and I can put you in touch

  3. Adam Glass says :

    Hello Rob,Thanks for the message, I recently met up with Jackie’s daughter Betty who gave me some photographs relating to Tam McKean. I sent some of these to Edwin Lawrence a reporter with the Ayrshire Post, Edwin did a piece on my search for information on Tam and it was published in this weeks Ayrshire Post. I would be interested in the identity of the persons in the photographs or any other information that you can give on possible dates and venue.The only persons I can identify are Davie Bell and Tam, photograph with the Cumnock Viaduct in the background. I have spoken to several people who rode with Tam, Davie and Jackie, all very colourfull personalities. I only knew Tam through the Health and Strength Club, it is my intent to do a personal tribute to Tam incorporating some of the clubs history and his associates.I have known Wee Jimmy Moffat almost from boyhood, he speaks of Jackie with great affection and humour.Jimmy is still active at the club.

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