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League Event 10: Turnberry TT

The 10th round of the 2014 league is the Turnberry TT – a fearsome 28mile solo adventure.  Although new to the league, the Turnberry TT is a stand alone event that has been around for yonks.  Both Alex McAllister and Craig Gilmour have etched their name onto the cup four times – but we expect a new winner next Thursday (7th August).

A map of the circuit can be found on our RideWithGPS profile


First rider off at 1900 sharp and rear lights should be used.

While the league event is run as first home gets the points, the Turnberry TT is based on a rather archaic handicap system whereby we favour those with a slow 10mile TT time.  I won’t bore you with the details, just focus on going quick and the rest will look after itself.

Despite his commanding lead in the series, JP Baxter is unlikely to score well here.  Paul Gibson and Kenny Armstrong will be vying for top points while Toni and Lynne will look to increase their points in the women’s comp.

More to follow.



Entertaining Ghana!

On Saturday night (19th September) the Savoy Park Hotel in Ayr hosted an evening reception for Ayr Roads Cycling Club and the Ghana’s 2014 Commonwealth Games Cycling Team.

coach to coach, Scott McLean of ARCC hands across the ceremonial plaque

coach to coach, Scott McLean of ARCC hands across the ceremonial plaque

The four team Ghana riders (Samuel, Antony, Razak and Aminu) had been staying in Ayr along as part of an acclimatization camp with the rest of the Commonwealth Team.  This was arranged through South Ayrshire Council with John MacMillan providing active support throughout their stay.

Team Ghana and Ayr Roads CC's Clydesiders

Team Ghana and Ayr Roads CC’s Clydesiders

Ayr Roads CC’s coach Scott McLean volunteered his services during their stay and worked with team Ghana officials to develop a training plan for the riders.  In the last few weeks they have been regular attendees at Ayr Roads CC training events, giving lots of local cyclists the chance to ride with a Commonwealth Games athletes.

Team Ghana’s leading rider Samuel Anim was awarded the prestigious SWAG (Sports Writers Association of Ghana) Cyclist of the Year Award in 2013 for being “most sensational and best fighter”.  During the reception Ayr Roads members got the chance to learn more about riding and racing in Ghana, including an 11 stage national road race.

Ayr Roads CC's 12yr old Harry with Team Ghana

Ayr Roads CC’s 12yr old Harry with Team Ghana

Ayr Roads CC Chairman Blair Wyllie presented Team Ghana with a special plaque commissioned for the occassion, and provided all the riders with Ayr Roads CC club kit to wear and remember their stay.

Coach Scott McLean in turn thanked the riders for their contribution to the club over the past weeks and stated what an inspiration it was to other club members to turn out and ride with them.

There was laughter and tall tales throughout the reception sponsored by Savoy Park Hotel

There was laughter and tall tales throughout the reception sponsored by Savoy Park Hotel

In return the Ghana team spoke warmly of the hospitality they had received in Ayrshire and of their hope for a continued and cooperative relationship with Ayr Roads Cycling Club.  They thanked both John MacMillan and Scott McLean for their big contribution to the stay, and noted that Samuel had complained that local rider Kenny Armstrong had “made my legs hurt!” during training rides across the Ayrshire Alps.

Also in attendance from Ayr Roads were three members volunteering as Clydesiders during the games; Alex McAllister, Christopher Johnson and Ed Clifton.


Ayr Roads CC will out in force to cheer on Team Ghana during the Commonwealth Games road race on Sunday 3rd August.  Flags and banners will be hung out on the corner of Blythswood Street and West George Street from the start of the race so come along and make some noise!

League Strava Tables Update

Dave Clifford has maximum points – for how long?

Ascent in a week

Height (Week) metres  11/07/2014  Points
1 David Clifford 11971 50
2 David Fulton 9753 45
3 Lynne Wardop 9363 40
4 Adam Stevens 7710 38
5 Alex McAllister 6492 36
6 Jp Baxter 6389 34
7 Gordon Campbell 5929 32
8 Joanne Clark 5783 30
9 Bobby McGhee 5607 28
10 Janet Erskine 5524 26
11 Greg Templeton 4832 24
12 Alastair McGibbon 4663 22
13 Gary Maher 4598 20
14 Christopher J-G 4530 18
15 Andy Mcclung 4519 16
16 Kenny Mackay 4436 14
17 Duncan McArthur 4119 12
18 Scott Knox 3773 10
19 Kev Brown 3666 9
20 Jason Kean 3570 8
21 Christopher Scott 3210 7
22 Paul Mcghee 3172 6
23 Brian Armour 2830 5
24 Scott Maclean 2802 4
25 Michael Curran 2711 3

Distance in a day

Distance (Day) Km 11/07/2014 Points
1 David Clifford 246.1 50
2 Paul Gibson 241.1 45
3 Jp Baxter 232.7 40
4 David Fulton 224.6 38
5 Joanne Clark 223.1 36
6 Janet Erskine 203.4 34
7 Gordon Campbell 193 32
8 Gary Maher 192.6 30
9 Gordon Keeney 192.2 28
10 Kev Brown 183.1 26
11 Christopher Scott 173.9 24
12 Alastair McGibbon 173.2 22
13 Jason Kean 170.8 20
14 Scott Knox 170.6 18
15 Alex McAllister 169.5 16
16 Bobby McGhee 166 14
17 Kenny Mackay 159.4 12
18 Paul Mcghee 158.6 10
19 Duncan McArthur 144.4 9
20 Andy Mcclung 144.2 8
21 Scott Maclean 136 7
22 Greg Templeton 135 6
23 Ed Clifton 132.6 5
24 Frances Stevens 122.5 4
25 Brian Armour 122.3 3

MISSING! 10 times from 12th June

Click to see the 2014 ARCC 10 Standings after 7 rounds of the  Club 10 Series.

However, we are missing times for week 4 – the 12th June.  If you have them don’t be shy in sharing.



Ghana 1 ARCC 0

What a glorious morning!  15 Ayr Roads members turned out for a hard training session with the Team Ghana cyclists, staying in Ayr ahead of the Glasgow2014 games.

Ayr Roads and Team Ghana in Straiton

Ayr Roads and Team Ghana in Straiton

Three laps of the Straiton-Kirkmichael-Crosshill circuit was on the menu after a tempo ride out to the start where everyone re grouped.

After a quick photo opportunity group 1 set off, led by junior league leader Harry McGarvie.  Five minutes later Toni McIntosh and troops took up the chase, and finally after 10 mins the ARCC big guns rode out with the four Ghana riders.

Group 2 caught group 1 on the run into Crosshill on the second lap, and come Cloyntie the scratch made the catch and the speed went zoooooom!

On the ascent to Broadwood the leading group of Samuel, Antony and Razak of Ghana got away with Kenny Armstrong, JP Baxter, Paul Gibson and Peter Ferrier.

In the sprint for the line Samuel took the win with Kenny Armstrong spoiling a Ghana podium in second.  JP was next Ayr Roads rider home in 4th. Aminu lead the next group across the line just ahead of Toni McIntosh (first woman).

Ayr Roads CC's 12yr old Harry with Team Ghana

Ayr Roads CC’s 12yr old Harry with Team Ghana

The event formed round 9 of the Ayr Roads CC league – with 20points awarded to club coach Scott McLean for setting up the amazing session!

Thanks to Lorna Dempsey for coming out to cheer us on, and for this great video she uploaded to facebook

Team Ghana are in the area right up to the Games and more training sessions are planned so keep an eye on the forums for details.

We’ve got a stock of Ghana flags on order to cheer the boys on come the Road Race in Glasgow


Round 9 – Team Ghana APR Points
1 Kenny Armstrong 50
2 John Paul Baxter 45
3 Peter Ferrier 40
4 Paul Gibson 38
5 Toni McIntosh 36
6 Kevin McBride 34
7 Christopher JG 32
8 Jo Clark 30
9 Grant Young 28
10 Bobby McGhee 26
11 Duncan McArthur 24
12 Greg Henderson 22
13 Lindsay McGarvie 20
14 Harry McGarvie 18
Organiser Scott McLean 20

League Top 20 after 9 Rounds:

Position Member Overall
1 JP Baxter 382
2 Christopher JG 259
3 Paul Gibson VET 241
4 Bobby McGhee VET 238
5 Scott Knox 208
6 Kenny Armstrong 200
7 Lindsay mcGarvie VET 187
8 Harry McGarvie BURNER 166
9 Ed Clifton 158
10 Kevin McBride 153
11 Peter Ferrier VET 151
12 Toni McIntosh FEMALE 102
13 Paul McGhee 92
14 Duncan McArthur VET 84
15 Greg Templeton 83
16 Jo Clarke FEMALE 76
17 Janet Erskine FEMALE 60
18 Scott Maclean VET 54
19 Gary Maher 50

league participation

Ride with Team Ghana – Sunday 7th July

Hi all,

For the chance to ride with Team Ghana get to Straiton for 0945 and we’ll do three laps of the Straiton Kirkmichael Crosshill Circuit.  This is an open invite to all Ayrshire road cyclists who have bunch riding experience.

ARCC Club Coach Scott MacLean with members of Team Ghana

ARCC Club Coach Scott MacLean with members of Team Ghana

Meet at the Car Park in Straiton for 0945 – we’ll divide into groups and the Scratch can expect to be away by 10:00

Members of ARCC will be departing from Beresford Terrace, Ayr at 0845 for a warm up spin down to Straiton for 09:45.

This is the circuit -

ghana apr

The finish will be the top of the climb at BroadWood – IThe end of the Wall, and AFTER the Blairquhan entrance where Straiton Struggle finished)


League Event 8 – JP Extends Lead in Smugglers

JP Baxter took an easy win tonight ahead of Christopher JG and Scott Knox in the Smugglers OffRoad League 8.

A late change to the format so a mass-start event with a sprint up the hill to the reservoir led by Christopher JG.  By the top of the climb through the woods JP Baxter got ahead and Scott Knox jumped onto his wheel for the Castle Muur climb.  A few mistakes on the ascent back up through the woods cost Scott his second place.

ARCC Smugglers!Young Harry McGarvie had a spill on the tricky descent but made a good effort to climb back on and race round the rest of the course, including setting some PBs on route.

Results as follows:

Round 8 – Smugglers off-road TT Points
1 JP Baxter 50
2 Christopher JG 45
3 Scott Know 40
4 Bobby McGhee 38
5 Duncan McArthur 36
6 Lindsay McGarvie 34
7 Harry McGarvie 32

The next league event is the Straiton-Crosshill-Kirkmichael APR on Sunday 7th July.

JP’s lead in the league is now looking very hard to beat, especially if he can hold his position in the two Strava challenges – click the link to download the 2014 League Standings

Overall after 8 rounds
Position Member Actual Distance Height Provisional.
1 JP Baxter 337 40 34 411
2 Christopher JG 227 18 245
3 Bobby McGhee VET 212 18 28 258
4 Scott Knox 208 22 10 240
5 Paul Gibson VET 203 45 3 251
6 Lindsay mcGarvie VET 167 167
7 Ed Clifton 158 7 165
8 Kenny Armstrong 150 150
9 Harry McGarvie BURNER 148 148
10 Kevin McBride 119 119
11 Peter Ferrier VET 111 111
12 Paul McGhee 92 4 7 103
13 Greg Templeton 83 8 24 115
14 Toni McIntosh FEMALE 66 66
15 Janet Erskine FEMALE 60 34 26 120
16 Duncan McArthur VET 60 14 12 86
17 Gary Maher 50 26 20 96
18 Dave Fulton VET 46 38 50 134
19 Jo Clarke FEMALE 46 36 30 112
20 Alastair McGibbon 45 24 22 91
21 Vic Possee VET 40 40
22 Kev Brown 40 28 9 77
23 Ed Thomson 40 40
24 Lynn Wardrop FEMALE 40 45 85
25 Robert Kelly VET 38 38
26 Scott Maclean 34 10 6 50
27 Andy McClung 32 12 16 60
28 Craig Kerr 32 32
29 Jason Kean 32 32
30 Colin Reilly 30 30
31 Christopher Scott BURNER 28 16 44
32 Blair Wyllie VET 20 20
33 Dave Clifford VET 20 50 38 108
34 Arnie Thomson VET 20 20
35 Alan McGibbon VET 20 20
36 John McKie VET 16 16
37 John Mason VET 16 16
38 Rod Henderson VET 10 10
39 Gordon Campbell 0 32 32 64
40 Gordon Keeney 0 30 30
41 Alex McAllister 0 20 36 56
42 Kenny Mackay 0 9 14 23
43 Frances Stevens FEMALE 0 6 6
44 Brian Armour 0 5 8 13
45 Adam Stevens 0 3 40 43
46 Michael Curran 0 5 5
47 Paul Torrance 0 4 4

League Event 8 – Smugglers Off-Road TT

Round 8 of the league is an timed off-road session from Loans to Dundonald and back via the Smugglers Trail.

It takes place this Thursday, 26th June 2014, starting 7pm.

Riders should congregate at the reservoir at the base of the trail for 6:45.  A map of the Smugglers can be found here.

We will be riding across to Dundonald, going up the zigzag path for a circuit of the castle and retracing to the Reservoir Dam.

There is also an existing Strava segment for the trail – see here:

Ts and Cs:

  • This is an open access path so ‘Do the Ride Thing’ and follow responsible access codes.  Be prepared to meet and give way to walkers.
  • Riders participate at their own risk
  • The course will not be waymarked – so pay attention or make sure you can follow someone.
  • We’ll go at 30second intervals
  • Donations of £2 will be collected at the start for our drive for Marie Curie Cancer Care.
  • This is an off road path suitable for MTBs, CX bikes and stout hybrids.

Signing out, see you Thursday.

PS – there is no official 10 on Thursday.

League Event 7 – Adventure Cross review

Having tidied up all the lose ends, found our two missing wanderers and issued penalties to  half the field all that can really be said is the first running of the Tour of Stinchar Adventure Cross did run.

Seven riders assembled at Stinchar Bridge at 0930, including series leaders JP Baxter and Harry McGarvie.  The plan was to ride as far as the Balloch junction as a group before the racing began.  Between us there were 5 cross bikes and 2 mtbs.

Conditions were good, if a little overcast.  The trails were nice and dry and the banter of a high level.


The first climb was a toughie, particularly due to recent forestry operations that had churned up the road a bit.  Nevermind, grouppo compacto until the U turn on the Linfern Loch path.

But then it all started to get…complicated.  The descent to North Balloch was a bit tricky for all, but especially those on cross bikes who struggled to let go of the brakes.  By the bottom the two MTBers, Kevin and Bobby had vanished, with Jason in hot pursuit.  It took another minute or so before Harry and JP made it to the junction.  Ahlala…

JP set off to get them to halt at Barr but come Barr all were missing, including JP.  So those left went their own speeds.  And directions.

Jason was quickly wheeled in, and it wasn’t long before JP was found at a junction too, scratching his head and looking for a sign post.  Maps eh, who needs them?

Come the Nic O Balloch crossing JP flatted so that left Chris JG out front chasing the MTBs.  There was a brief stop for a logging machine chopping jolly tall trees into nice digestible sized logs.  Then on and on back to Stinchar Bridge.

Kevin and Bobby were on scene, aware something might not have gone to plan.  Kevin had gained a reasonable advantage on Bobby.    Jason rolled up next, having encountered JP fixing his puncture before flatting himself.

After another 10 mins JP rolled into view having decided to wait for Harry and Lindsay to finish the ride together.  But 20 mins later they were still nowhere to be seen.  Turns out Harry had been keen to get in some extra climbing and missed the turn for the Changue Road, having to retrace back.  He was good enough to let his domestique Lindsay snap the points left.

So, a mess really.  The planned showdown on the hills never took place due to confusion at the start.  There were relegations for those who didn’t wait and regroup, and there was an extra 300m climbing penalty to Harry and Lindsay for struggling to follow a map.  Ah la la.

Without any triumph full points went to Chris JG.

The next event is the Smugglers Off-Road TT.  Better luck there we hope…  Full event guidelines will be published online in advance and given before the start.


Round 7 – Tour of Stinchar Adventure Cross Points
1 Christopher JG 50
2 JP Baxter 45
3 Lindsay McGarvie 40
4 Harry McGarvie 38
5 Kevin McBride (Penalty) 36
6 Bobby McGhee (Penalty) 34
7 Jason Kean (Penalty) 32

League Standings are as follows:

Pos Member 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Overall
1 JP Baxter 36 38 45 50 28 45 45 287
2 Paul Gibson VET 45 40 38 40 40 203
3 Christopher JG 32 22 34 10 34 50 182
4 Bobby McGhee VET 30 26 36 18 30 34 174
5 Scott Knox 34 36 38 24 36 168
6 Ed Clifton 34 36 50 38 158
7 Kenny Armstrong 50 50 50 150
8 Lindsay mcGarvie VET 9 30 28 26 40 133
9 Kevin McBride 24 5 22 32 36 119
10 Harry McGarvie BURNER 14 30 10 24 38 116
11 Peter Ferrier VET 40 45 26 111
12 Paul McGhee 28 32 32 92
13 Greg Templeton 38 45 83
14 Toni McIntosh FEMALE 30 36 66
15 Janet Erskine FEMALE 12 20 28 60
16 Gary Maher 50 50
17 Dave Fulton VET 28 18 46
18 Jo Clarke FEMALE 34 12 46
19 Alastair McGibbon 45 45
20 Vic Possee VET 20 20 40
21 Kev Brown 40 40
22 Ed Thomson 40 40
23 Lynn Wardrop FEMALE 20 20 40
24 Robert Kelly VET 38 38
25 Scott Maclean 34 34
26 Andy McClung 32 32
27 Craig Kerr 32 32
28 Jason Kean 32 32
29 Colin Reilly 30 30
30 Christopher Scott BURNER 28 28
31 Duncan McArthur VET 10 14 24
32 Blair Wyllie VET 20 20
33 Dave Clifford VET 20 20
34 Arnie Thomson VET 20 20
35 Alan McGibbon VET 20 20
36 John McKie VET 16 16
37 John Mason VET 16 16
38 Rod Henderson VET 10 10

2014 League #7 AdventureX

This Sunday, 15th June 2014, we will run the inaugural Tour of Stinchar Adventure Cross session – forming round 7 of the 2014 ARCC League.   In store is 50km of fun, over 2/3 of which is on unsealed forest road.  Ergo, this event is suitable for crossbikes / hybrids / mtbs only – leave the skinny wheels at home.

adventureX profileWe will set off from Stinchar Bridge at 09:30 sharp, riding as a group for the first 20km (as far as North Balloch).  From here it is a dog eat dog war as we plough on to Barr and up the slopes of the Changue Road on the off-road path leading across to Nic O Balloch.  From there we follow the Stinchar up higher and higher to the Tairlaw Road and a final push to the Stinchar Bridge car park.

The route can be viewed here:


So the first 20km is together – after that you need to know your own way.  Part of the Adventure in this AdventureX is that you can navigate back.  No signs are going to be out.  So study the cue sheet please.  To help there are four maps below marking the way:

Stage 1: Stinchar Bridge – Tairlaw Bridge – Tairlaw Ring:

Follow the Straiton road north to Tairlaw Bridge, turn right signed Loch Braden.  Before the road crosses the stream (Water of Girvan) turn right across gate through field.  Follow the landrover path across to the next gate in the plantation.  Follow the track straight at all times until you reach the pylons.  Keep following the track as it descends to the Tairlaw Summit Road and turn Left.  Ride until you pass under the pylons again and take the first right onto another forest road.

2014 Stinchar Tour 1

Stage 2: Linfern Loch Road to North Balloch

Follow the forest road beside the pylons until a junction with a clear track to the right.  Take the right and follow it around until you see signs for Linfern Loch.  Ignore those signs and carry on as the road swings to the left and you come to a U-junction.  Continue ascending up beside the tree line where there has been recent logging.  Continue on at all junctions until you come to steepish descent with a few twists and turns that will take you down to South Balloch.  We should be as a group here so panic not!  Beware of the descent – there are pools of water appear after rain and the farmers track at the base is bad for punctures :(

2014 Stinchar Tour 2

Stage 3: North Balloch – Barr – Changue Road – Nic O Balloch

Ok, so from here we are no longer grouppo compacto.  We ride along the macadam road to Barr, turning left at the junction onto the Changue Road.  From here it is relatively straight forward in that there is a marked cycle path across to Nic O Balloch.  Only it is not so simple because some of the markings are hard to spot!  If you are unsure wait for the rider behind or get a map!  The Changue Road is a steepy.  You climb out of Barr and up to a gate, cross this and then the road continues upwards, albeit at a slightly easier grandient.  When you join the Nic O Balloch Road head straight across to the next forest track heading downhill to the Stinchar river bed.

2014 Stinchar Tour 3

Stage 4: South Balloch to Stinchar Bridge:

This is really simple.  You’ve crossed the Nic O Balloch Road, you head down to the river bed, pass a couple farm houses notable for the telephone box and collection of rusting cars, both classic and weird.  From here we go up up up until the U-turn we encountered on ‘Stage 2′.  Retrace the way you came back to the Tairlaw Road, turn right and return to Stinchar Bridge car park.  If you are first pat yourself on the back and wait for the next rider home!

2014 Stinchar Tour 4

The rules:

As a league event, this is open to paid up members of ARCC only.  However, all participants do so at their own risk!

  • We will be riding on a mixture of open road and forest road.  Follow respective Highway Code and sensible access codes as appropriate
  • We suggest tyre pressure of at least 85psi (following expert advice and experience gained over time!)
  • Riders should carry TWO spare tubes – and a mobile phone (however little reception there may be)
  • For the first 20km, as far as North Balloch, we go at steady pace to suit slowest rider.  Don’t worry, there are 30km more to slaughter yourself
  • We are collecting £2 donations for the league sponsorship drive for Marie Curie Cancer Care.
  • Please wait at the finish long enough to let the next rider know your position and that you are safe.
  • A trip to the Buck after would be a nice way to finish the day.  Hint hint.
  • No ROAD BIKES – trust me, I tried.  It didn’t work :(



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